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REVASRI 600M: Advanced Golf & Hunting Rangefinder

REVASRI 600M: Advanced Golf & Hunting Rangefinder

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The REVASRI 600M Advanced Golf & Hunting Rangefinder is the perfect gear for outdoor enthusiasts. With its precise slope and vibration readings, it's not just for golf, but also for hunting and hiking. Enjoy accurate distance measurements and elevate your outdoor experience.

REVASRI Golf Laser Rangefinder 600M Rechargeable Battery,Slope and

Model number:

Golf version-600M/Yard-White:Angle switch,flagpole lock, slope compensation, vibration method:Scan the flagpole and vibration after locking.Zipper bag.

  1. Ranging Method:Semiconductor laser ranging

  2. Ranging Distance:5-600M

  3. Ranging Accuracy:±0.5M

  4. Ranging Display Mode:In-view LCD display

  5. Exit Pupil Diameter:3.1mm

  6. Exit Pupil Distance:12.1mm

  7. Working Temperature:-20~50℃

  8. Operating Humidity:≤80%

  9. Laser Safty:905nm Class 1 laser, laser output<5mw

  10. Power Supply:built-in Li-ion battery (3.7V)

  11. Focusing Mode:Manual Focusing

  12. Eyepiece Lens Quality:Multilayer Coated

  13. Magnification:6.5X

  14. Product Size:96*34*67mm

Hunting 1000M/Yard-Camo:straight line distance, angle measurement, vertical distance, horizontal distance. Scan mode, two points of height measurement, speed measurement mode, memory function.

Golf mode (flagpole lock, slope compensation, no vibration,Because the hunting application canceled the vibration)

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